First and foremost, greetings!


I’m not a type of person that’s comfortable in introducing myself and so on, so I’d like to get straight to the point, using this platform to express my thoughts, hoping to find someone that feel the same way about it and to inspire anyone along the way.

To be honest, I’m not an anime lover until a few weeks ago. I still remember that small moment that inspired me. A ‘Nightcore’ style of video popped up on my recommendations and out of curiosity, I clicked on it. Inside the video is the increased speed and higher pitch version of an a cappella which has an anime wallpaper as its background playing as each character is synchronized with a specific song to sing with. With the editing and the synchronization of the lyrics, I was truly hooked on it and began to search for more.

The anime wallpaper reminded me of an anime that I used to love as a kid, “Katekyo Hitman Reborn” and as I forgot most of the details and feel the urge to reminisce what made up my childhood again, I decided to re-watch the series. This is when I relished my interest in anime. This was a few weeks ago. Suddenly, I feel the urge to truly enjoy these anime that I missed out and give it a shot, not as a form of entertainment only, but to truly immerse myself in it and to learn from it.

This is when my brother suggested me to watch “Kimi No Na Wa” (  Your Name, 2016 ) by Makato Shinkai, I was reluctant at first but I decided to give it a try. I realized that not having to watch it a few years ago when it was released is a HUGE regret for me. This anime movie is truly immersive and is a beautiful masterpiece with a perfect soundtracks playing on each scene harmonically. It is as beautifully animated as it is emotionally satisfying which gave me a feeling that I cannot describe and gives me goosebumps every time I think of it ( in a good way ). I go straight to the reviews after watching it hoping to find any comments on the movie that can relate to me and I found a quote which can reflect it well as to what I feel,


If you have to watch ONE and just ONE anime movie , watch this , and watch it more than once.


This is the first movie that I wish I could erase my memories of watching it just to enjoy the pleasure of watching it again. The satisfaction is just not enough, the tingling feeling keeps bothering me, so I broke my principle of never wasting time to re-watch movies to watch it again and to fill the emptiness inside my heart. This was last week.

A few days ago, my brother suggested me to watch “Koe No Katachi” ( or Voice of Silent, also 2016 ) and promised that I’d enjoy it too, which I did. What surprised me is that this movie not only tackles the bullying issue which lead to suicide among teenagers in a very unique way but the beauty of friendship and just how the betrayal of it can be devastating for one. The portrayal and the beauty just keep finding ways to amaze me, and I’d like to continue on this anime path.

I just want to say that, give “Your Name” a try if you haven’t watched it yet. Spend 2 hours from your whole life to watch it. You won’t regret it. It changed my whole view on anime and motivated me to create this blog just to share how any movies, even anime movie can motivate and change your perspective on how you look at your life. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll enjoy it and have a big smile on your face at the end ( or tears ).

Side note : An suggested anime to those who are starting to enter the anime world, watch ” Spirited Away “. It’s the highest grossing anime in Japan and the story-line will get you itching for more.


That’s all for now. Have a nice day!