Clannad: After Story is a sequel to Clannad, where the story centers around Okazaki and Nagisa still together with their love story and the struggles that they have been through, all the fun moments in their school, with both her parents, with their friends and the sad, emotional moments that they’ve both shedded their tears to.

They both graduated from high school, and emerge into the adulthood society where they learn the importance of supporting each other, confronting their personal problems with the couple’s dedication as they deepen their love towards each other and eventually, form a new bond.

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” Tears are how our heart speaks when our lips cannot describe how much we’ve been hurt. ” – Jellal Fernandes


Clannad: After Story is a master of deception. It lures us in with promising fairy-tale love story full with laughter and quirky characters, showing how happy a family can be and the fun to share with friends, only to leave us behind crying with tears that we cannot stop. And the story itself managed to portray as an emotional rollercoster that it will wreck our hearts as we resonates with Okazaki’s feelings.

What strikes me the most is the realistic portrayal of the story and their interaction, how the city changes and how life moves on wherever you stood or whatever you choose, and sometimes, we just wish for a little miracle to happen in our life. To Ozakazi, Nagisa is his miracle and loved her so much that he thinks they shouldn’t have met for what comes after. A smile or a hug to pull him away from doing something stupid, being on the edge of crying thinking of how alone he can be in his room and cheerful on the outside yet physically weak. He thinks of her as a gem, so precious that he doesn’t want to lose it and so rare she meant everything to him.

Most people will cry up till certain point, and we cry because we want to. We can relate to the pain Okazaki felt and how deep he loves Nagisa when he will cry unconsciously whenever he thought of her name, we might have tried to smile to stop the tears from keep flowing but our heart just want to let it all out. All those built-up tears for that single moment in the sunflower field, where the sun sets and Okazaki hugging his daughter as their heart truly became one. The pain of losing someone that is so dearest and yet not being able to do anything to save them, the pain that is burning inside the heart yet indescribable where our lips can’t move and our tears flow out to cover up the pain we had.

As for the merit points, the intro and OST are to be complimented as each little story in this quiet city is unfolded, their sad past behind them and their mystical charm, portraying their memory as a story to us, little by little, the small stories and the pain that they had been through behind their bright smile.

Overall, Clannad: After Story is not just some tear-jerking anime made up of random sad scenes, it’s a slow build-up of a pure love story from the very first episode of Clannad. Even if you’re not into romance, there are loads of comedy and entertaining scenes with the emphasis of love in many forms. But if you look closer, you’ll find yourself crying in the end, for the beauty of their love and how powerful it can be.


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My personal rating: 10/10