Light Yagami, a genius high school student discovered a notebook that fell from the sky – Death Note. After having tested its authenticity to kill off anyone with just recalling their face and writing their name inside the book, he intended to execute all criminals and create a new world of order ruled by him.

Then, Japanese police force summoned a mysterious and odd detective that is the best in the world, with his hidden identity to apprehend him, known as L. And so, a psychological game between two great minds is afoot.


How do you define hero? What is justice to you?

The very first episode has already shown you the center of the story. If you have to power to bring punishment to the bad guys, will you do it? The story then follows up with two heroes that view justice with their own perspective and to prove that they are the real justice. No matter which side you choose, there will be something that you can relate yourself to the character, whether it’s their way of thinking, their personalities or their perspective of an ideal world.
Light’s side. Represented by red color, brave and aggressive in the face of challenges, consequences and to kill the criminals relentlessly, powerful enough to end the life of human, and to be able to make instant decision. Light seeks to create a world with order where criminals, regardless of the severity of their crimes is punished to death, and will eliminate anyone who oppose him, a peaceful world where Kira is justice.
L’s side. Represented by blue, often associated with calm in handling situations, depth, sincerity, confidence in his own theory and wisdom to be able to use the knowledge and linking the facts as dots together to make a bigger picture and finally, a conclusive decision. L has his reputation as the famous detective whom has solved many difficult cases and is highly trusted with bringing those who defy laws to justice, to maintain the order and peaceful world where justice exist.

Throughout the story, controversial questions such as ‘ Bad guys should die, but do I have the right to kill them? If I have the power to do so, should I do it? ‘ always arise. The answers might be simple for some but this anime shows you more than the answer. It shows you the consequences of doing so, whether it is direct or indirect. Other than that, you will be able to see how far one will go fighting for his beliefs and that in the end, ironically, justice always prevails, that is, depending on how you view it.

This is an anime packed with suspense and phycological tricks, reaching deep down inside of how a human would think or react given the situation, and how could they manipulate each other to reach their goal. It might sound to be a deceptive and anime with dark and gloomy setting but it has an interesting way of showing you that which will keep you going for more. The side characters, especially the girlfriend that will always support Light and is madly in love with him, and the father’s love towards his son and yet to fulfill his duty as a cop at the same time is very well portrayed and the how they feel can also be felt by the audience.

Overall, I think what interested me in the story is that deep inside every human’s heart, there is always evil lurking within. No one can be 100% kind or evil, it depends on just how good we are at hiding it.

If you’re interested in suspense and a thrilling anime with a twist, then this should be your cup of tea. The tea that will bring you into the world of manipulation and to provoke your deep thoughts, wondering the definition of real justice and hero.

Thanks for reading!

Personal rating for it: 8/10