When was the last time that you actually had a good cry?

No no, not those few drops of tears that come and go, not those tears that envelope part of your eyes that it blurs your vision either. I’m talking about a legit cry, a cry so real that it hurts deep inside giving you a feeling that you’ve not had for a very long time. A pain that you don’t expect it to hit that hard, in fact, you don’t want to stop the tears. You can’t think and all you want to do is to cry the hell out of your heart. When your brain simply cannot find the word to comprehend your feelings at the moment, tears took the stage.

You don’t necessarily need to watch a sad movie or anime to make you cry, all you need is the willingness to care about something. When we genuinely care about something, we wouldn’t want to let it go. We want to cherish it, we want to stay with it and the last thing we want to have are accepting our regrets that we couldn’t do anything as we lose it. Love and longing are the oldest of all human tropes, but they are the most important ones to give us a message that we’re alive and we can feel.

So that we would know, our memories are not plastic.


That we are not the perfect angel without sadness.


That we can love, and deserved to be loved like a beautiful violet.


That the bitterness of regrets, only comes after the story we cherished ended.


That, love is never too late if it can reach out, at the end.


That it’s never the lie, but the truth that hurts the most.


The deeper we love, the deeper we ended up struggling to keep that moment.


We only learn the importance of having something after we lost it.

Like the beauty of sakura that blossoms in the spring.

maxresdefault (27).jpg

Most of the time, it is the sharing of little moments without words that matter.


In the end, we could never reset our life, because our memories are what made us who we are. And they will, continue to.

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And with that, I summarize the 10 anime on love and memory that I’ve discovered so far:

  1. Plastic Memories
  2. Angel Beats!
  3. Violet Evergarden
  4. Clannad: After Story
  5. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
  6. Your Lie in April
  7. Steins;Gate
  8. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas
  9. Garden of Words
  10. ReLIFE

Bonus: The Place Promised in Our Early Days


End notes:

Love and memory could be the most precious thing we have, but they are often associated with regrets. This makes it way more important to appreciate and enjoy the moment we have and will have.

By comparison, Kimi No Na Wa is actually the most notorious one when it comes to emotions revolving around love and memory but since it’s so popular that it’s impossible you haven’t watched it, so here are some 10 other anime that you should definitely watch if you haven’t. On a side note, Tenki no Ko is going to be premiered next week, and I’m as hyped as everyone to witness whether it could be a masterpiece that is on par with Kimi No Na Wa or even beyond it. Let’s hope it could top this list!

Thanks for reading, hope you will/did enjoy these anime!