It’s been one year and you are still here?!

About one year ago, I held quite some prejudices against anime. Something about those 2D-girls where my anime-fan-friends around me keep discussing would either be how erotically sexy their waifus are or how great the fanservices were. I was never into those kind of stuffs, so with that perspective at the time, I enveloped anything anime-related as something lewd, immoral and disgusting. Thus, the taboo word anime instantly turned my interest off.

If you were to ask me one year ago, where I’d be or what I’d be doing, it was definitely not blogging or sharing any thoughts on how impactful anime was to this guy right here. One single anime movie, and it turned my perspective upside down. Because of wanting to do more than just watching anime and discussing it with only particular group of friends, I ventured out of my comfort zone and with my somewhat-lacking social skills, started a blog, started the creations of AMVs on youtube.


I started .. the journey.

Not knowing why, I was deeply inspired to create something that would motivate others to do something that they couldn’t before, to watch and witness something extraordinary that could change their lives forever, to give them courage in their darkest state or even something as simple as finding something to resonate with. Being a greenie in anime world, I learnt everything I can about anime that is appealing to others and how to grasp that charm that it has and enlarge it. I wrote reviews one by one, created AMVs one after another and published posts hoping that it would get attention, hoping that it could be enough.

But in the end, it was never enough.

Within the first few days of my ‘debut’, I learnt a harsh and beautiful truth – I’m not alone. There are many people out there that wanted to present the best of anime and give it the recognition that it deserves as much as I do. As bloggers, as youtubers, to be improving themselves constantly to create something better, that could convey the message in a more wholesome way. This somehow just fired me up even more. I learnt more about editing skills and started to set goals that would motivate me to achieve more, to inspire just one more person.

Imagine if one, even one out of your hundred posts gave one person what he/she was looking for, perhaps dealt a great positive impact to his/her life, how amazing is that?

So, to underappreciated bloggers out there, you have my mad respect for not giving up.

As to my incredible followers,

” hontou ni .. arigatou gozaimashita. “


Thank you for that one click.

I will do my best to create more awesome posts that will be worthy of your time.

( Anime as a cup of tea is officially one years old! )